Que Sera Sera

  • 12,800.00

    Featuring a stunning strapless, body-hugging top with beautiful pattern work, paired with a gold satin tie-around skirt, this set is designed to make a statement. Perfect for any special occasion, it effortlessly combines sophisticated charm with a touch of bold glamour

  • 9,200.00

    Unveil your inner fashionista with this stunning long, sleek-stamped dress, featuring a daring cut-out at the hem. This dramatic design element elevates the dress, making it a statement piece that exudes high-fashion allure.

  • 12,500.00

    Unleash playful charm with this retro-inspired coord set, featuring a strapless cat-faced top paired with high-waist beige pants. This quirky combination brings a fun twist to a classic old money look, perfect for those who love to mix vintage vibes with a touch of whimsy.

  • 11,500.00

    Embrace a playful yet chic style with this ensemble featuring a cute cat face print skirt paired with a sheer white shirt adorned with a charming cat pocket. This look effortlessly combines whimsy with a touch of elegance, perfect for those who love to express their fun side through fashion.

  • 12,800.00

    A stunningly elegant and retro ensemble featuring a Bardot top paired with flared pants, both adorned with checkered texture and floral accents. This coordinated set exudes timeless charm and sophistication, perfect for making a statement with vintage flair.

  • 8,800.00

    tep into summer with this charming floral short dress. Its light, airy fabric and vibrant floral pattern make it perfect for warm, sunny days. With a flattering fit and playful design, this dress captures the essence of summer just right

  • 12,500.00

    Turn heads in this strapless light-colored jumpsuit, designed to accentuate your body type. The intricate detailing in the pants adds a touch of sophistication, making this jumpsuit a perfect blend of elegance and modern style.

  • 11,800.00

    Step into a purr-fectly retro style with this square neck ivory grey jumpsuit, featuring whimsical ‘meows’ patchwork. This jumpsuit is the cat’s pajamas, blending vintage vibes with a playful twist that’s sure to make you the cat’s meow wherever you go.

  • 10,800.00

    The harmony between the crop top and skirt, both embellished with crafted daisies, offers a stylish yet refined ensemble. This co-ord set is ideal for those who appreciate the fusion of contemporary fashion with a nod to Victorian sophistication.

  • 9,800.00

    Create a standout ensemble with a beautiful floral waistcoat that defines your body features, paired with short-length grey pants. This combination balances elegance and modern style, perfect for a chic and confident look.

  • 11,200.00

    The strapless corset hugs your silhouette, enhancing your curves with its body-defining design, while the satin midi skirt flows effortlessly, featuring a stylish slit that adds a hint of drama.

  • 10,200.00

    Introducing our exquisite strapless corset dress, adorned with a rich rose pastel print that exudes a blend of vintage charm and modern elegance. The structured corset bodice is designed to accentuate your figure, offering both support and style. A luxurious satin belt cinches the waist, adding a sophisticated touch and enhancing your silhouette.

  • 14,200.00

    This striking black ensemble features a crafty patchwork strapless top, paired with bell-bottom pants. This chic and edgy outfit is perfect for making a bold fashion statement at any event.The strapless design adds a touch of elegance, while the bell-bottom pants bring a retro flair to the look.

  • 11,200.00

    This coordinated set blends the soft, romantic vibes of the floral top with the sleek, modern appeal of the high-waisted pants. Ideal for brunches, garden parties, or a chic day out, this set ensures you look effortlessly put-together and fashion-forward.

  • 9,500.00

    Elevate your look with this white and floral flowy short dress, featuring a matching belt to define and accentuate the twirls. This enchanting dress effortlessly blends playful movement with a touch of elegance, perfect for any event where you want to shine.

  • 10,800.00

    Turn up the style with this long, strapless dress featuring intricate sketched daisy details. This eye-catching piece combines artistic flair with effortless elegance, making it a perfect choice for any occasion where you want to stand out and embrace a touch of playfulness

  • 9,800.00

    Jazz up your wardrobe with this strapless playsuit, featuring sketched daisy designs that add a touch of playful artistry. This chic piece combines carefree charm with a splash of creativity, making it perfect for turning heads.

  • 12,200.00

    Command attention with this striking coord set featuring a dramatic black bow-adorned shirt paired with a beautifully detailed flared skirt. The skirt boasts a black base embellished with delicate pastel floral detailing, while the shirt adds an extra touch of drama.

  • 13,800.00

    Indulge in the epitome of elegance with this V-neck flowy dress, where hints of pastel pink, yellow, and green floral motifs delicately adorn a rich black canvas.

  • 10,800.00

    Elevate your wardrobe with this enchanting coord set, featuring a zip-up deep back top adorned with a striking black bow and an exquisite flowy design, perfectly paired with satin pants. This ensemble exudes timeless beauty and sophistication, offering a graceful yet contemporary look for any occasion.

  • 9,200.00

    Step into a vintage dream with this zip-up, thin strap flowy retro dress. The fine detailing and ravishing work throughout make this piece a true standout. Its elegant design and delicate craftsmanship ensure you exude vintage charm at any event